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Our goal is to provide our patrons with great tasting food and a fun lively experience. from our slow cooked ribs with homemade sauces To our never frozen beef burgers we hand make right on the spot.  By not serving processed and pre-made food we can serve our patrons the highest quality meals possible.  

Our focus is on supporting the local community, not just through our support of local charities but most importantly by giving back to other local businesses.  To do that we buy as local as possible so our vegetables are purchased in town at local fruit & vegetable stands, farms or stores. Our craft beer/ cider from Thornbury, Collingwood and Hanover.  Even when it comes to the products not made or sold in our area we buy as close to home as we can: Barrie, Toronto and Niagara. By doing this when our local friends spend there hard earned money here it stays in the community.   



Contact us with any questions or to book a table for any occasion. We accept reservations for up to 30 people.

126 N Sykes Street, Meaford, ON  N4L 1C9    T  /  519-538-5899

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